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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 5, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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hard with moderate rain. cloverdale, yellows, oranges, down towards canyon road, which is near cloverdale, and napa now reporting moderate rain, wooden valley road, and scattered light showers out towards marsh creek road, clayton road, pleasant hill, concord, more rain near the coast and the golden gate, which is right here, also south san francisco, daly city. let me show you this cold front. it's a fast are -- fast-mover. we'll have a couple more hours to get through the rain. will we see drying tomorrow? the forecast is coming up. >> ama: look at some cell phone video of skiers. actually boarders -- at heavenly mountain resort shot by alan
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wang. there are record crowds of 4,000 people a day. this is one of their best years so far with crowds up 900% compared to last year, which was one of the worst seasons for resorts in tahoe. if you're out enjoying the snow or rain, shear your pictures or video to us at tonight, as a family in petaluma struggles to deal with the loss of a daughter, the community is coming together to help other families going through the uncertainty and fear of a missing child. 19-year-old alyssa byrne disappeared during a new year's eve celebration with friends in soul -- south lake tahoe. her body was fund yesterday morning. reporter: good evening. alyssa's father, kevin byrne, is still trying to deal with the loss of his little girl, and today a fundraiser in her honor
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to help other families that may be dealing with the pain of a missing child. >> she was one of the most energetic people i've ever known in my entire life. >> kevin and greg byrne are struggling to come to terms with their loss. >> alyssa touched the hearts of so many people. reporter: alyssa byrne went to the snow globe music festival on south lake tahoe on monday night and had not been seen since. yesterday the disturbing news no one was prepared to hear. a utility worker found the body of alisa byrne ten feet from the road. police believe she may have chosen to walk. >> she will be missed by us every day, every day. reporter: all reflections on alyssa turned to her free spirit and strong will. both reflected at an early age. >> she was a great baseball player. >> at 12, assist la was -- alyssa was the only girl playing
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little league and they made it to the city championship game. >> it was just a joy to have her, and from that part of her life, i think everybody would remember her. >> that's why dozens turned out to the bar and grill in petaluma. one of four venues working with alyssa's family to raise money. >> if there's something that we have learned for this that we can help another family with or somebody else, another kid that is missing, that's our hope. reporter: there are three other venues holding fundraisers in honor of alyssa byrne. block they will donate 15% of their sales. back here live. police confirmed there was no trauma to the body and no signs of foul play. the family has yet to make services for alyssa byrne because they're waiting on a full autopsy to be performed in sacramento before the body can be released.
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>> ama: hundreds of viewers are leaving condolences for the family on our facebook page. you can join the conversation at news. >> a bicyclist nearly avoided serious injuries this afternoon when he fell in front of a muni bus just after 2:00 this afternoon near geary and joan streets in the tenderloin. witnesses say the bicyclist fell off his bike when he clipped a car door. he landed on the pavement in front of the muni bus which farm did -- fortunately did not hit him. the bicyclist was taken to the hospital for evaluation. his condition is unknown. a 13-year-old tourist is in the hospital tonight, suffering from life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in san francisco. the girl was visiting the city with her family when she was hit by a white subaru. the driver stopped after the accident. no word if the driver will face charges. an online video has sparked
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more outrage in the case of two high school football players in eastern ohio charged with rape. the area is now consumed by claims that other players may have been involved and let off the hook. questions were raised after hackers released a tape online showing teens making jokes about the attach. >> with hundreds gathered outside the jefferson county courthouse saturday to express their feelings about the alleged rape of an underage girl at a series of back to school parties in august. with a rally cry that evil triumphs when good men do nothing, some protesters are urging the two football players accused get to special treatment. however city officials are defending the way the investigation was handled. >> the thought that everyone is acting or is -- the teenagers that we are a community that is run by football.
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that's not the case. >> as a show of transparency they have established a web site which has a time line of the case and facts about the police department. the hope is for clarity. >> with all this misinformation being put out there, a lot of our innocent citizens are subject to telephone calls, harassment, because misinformation is put on these web sites. we are investigating those. that would be any harassment we see. but our department is simply not big enough to investigate a cybercrime. >> all this in response the recent leak on the internet of a video where a group of teens are heard joking about an alleged rape. the police say they had the video in their possession since august. a protester says he doesn't criticize police but thinks more needed to be done at the outset of the investigation. >> could have been a coverup. whether there is, that needs more facts to come out.
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reporter: police say there was no coverup and arrests were made eight days after they got the complaint. >> ama: there's been another tragedy in aurora, colorado. police say four people are dead after a hostage standoff. s.w.a.t. teams were called to a townhome overnight after a woman called 9-1-1 to report a shooting. the woman escaped from the home and told police she saw three bodies that appeared to be lifeless. when police responded there was a gun fight with man who later died. investigators in accept cruz are searching for a woman they say posed as a doctor and was able to steal credit cards from nurses. the woman entered a secure area in the hospital and within four minutes took credit cards from four purses. surveillance cameras captured
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images of the woman in the hospital. you can see the suspect in a white colt with a seth stone around her neck. by the time the nurses discovered the thefts the woman had already charged 4,000 on the card. >> this is exactly what you don't want to see during a day at the beach. a shark gets too close for comfort. lance armstrong's attorney responds to reports the former cyclist is planning on admitting to doping charges. it is shaping up to be a wet weekend. this is a live picture from the emeryville cameras. it's foggy and i icky outside.
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>> people on a beach in australia had a close encounter with a shark. a nine-foot long tiger shark ventured 200-yard from shore today. officials got everybody out of the water and closed nearby beaches. it's believed the sharks are roaming closer to shore looking for their favorite play, fish. >> lance armstrong's attorney is responding to a report that armstrong is going to admit using prug prug -- using performance-enhancing drugs. the antidoping agency stepped armstrong of seven tour de france titles and banned hem from cycling. starbucks latest plans for expansion may be the company's
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boldest move yet. and parents, hold on to your wallets. justin bieber is promote agnew way for your kids to spend your cash. >> a live doppler 7hd is taking rain. with all the green on the screen. meteorologist leigh glaser will let us know how long the wet weather will last and you can track our winter storms with live doppler 7hd at abc-7
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[cheering] >> ama: more than two dozen swimmers tested the frigid waters of san francisco bay this morning for the sixth annual
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alcatraz winter swim. they set off for the park a distance of one and a quarter miles. it attracts high endurance athletes. authorities estimate the water must have been around 50 degrees. >> starbucks is opening its first cafe in vietnam. it will be open for business next month in hoe he -- ho whici minh city. many owners of small vietnamese coffee shops say the price of a starbucks coffee will be out of reach for many people. >> teenagers could soon carry a bit of boberer in their back pocket. financial company, bill my parents, says pop sensation justin bieber will promote it's new prepaid debit card on social meet ya and produce videos about financial literacy, but the
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cards come with a price with a monthly fee of nearly $4 and 1.50 atm withdrawal fee. >> it's quite rainy outside today and a bit dreary. let's find out what is store for the rest of the weekend. >> leigh: you're exactly right. in fact here's a live look from the high definition emeryville cam. you can see a lot of fog, reduced visible out there as the rain band is moving in. cold front off the coast and that's going to swing in overnight. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. most of the rain started late this afternoon, and much of it, the heaviest precipitation, has been north of the golden gate bridge. check out cloverdale, that heavy band just racing through your neighborhood. and it's -- also st. helena picking up rain. the oranges and yellows denoting moderate rain, and the woodland valley road area.
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in the east bay, not as heavy rain but oakland, brentwood, pittsburg, reporting light rain showers and some of these are in pockets. marina boulevard in san francisco, starting to get hit with another wave of rain. even the embarcadero was wet. check out pesca dare row right now. this rain moving from south to north. so this well -- will be edging up the peninsula in the next 20-30 minutes. so reason overnight. a lot of cold air that's going to sneak in here behind the cold front. so we'll put in a chance, a possibility of maybe a little isolated thunder off and on tonight. morning showers for sunday, and then we'll start to clear out, dry things up the first part of next week. here's a look at the actual storm system. clear sky this morning, and then this cold front just really started to race in. the leading edge, right about
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here. we also have the area of low pressure behind it, and this is going to sneak in here overnight and going to bring us the cold air leading to just a slight chance of a few isolated thunderstorms. so rain definitely overnight. could be heavy at times. here's a look at the timing. 5:00 this evening you can see a pretty good shot of rain moving over the bay area. this is 9:00. one band moves towards the sierra. by 2:00 a.m., we'll see another shot of moisture moving in. snow levels down to 4,000 feet so higher peaks could see a light dusting. 5:00 a.m. sunday morning, thinning out a little bit. clearing in the north bay. by 9:00 a.m., showers will start to push south and by tomorrow afternoon, we're looking for dryer conditions, and even see a little sunshine. behind the system the north winds will pick up. in the north bay, a little over half an inch. a little over half an inch on the system on the peninsula and
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east bay. so not a huge storm system. nonetheless it will bring periods of rain. lows tonight, upper 30s. windy conditions. you'll need the umbrella tomorrow morning, put it away tomorrow afternoon. 53 in watsonville as well as hollister. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. we get through the cold front tonight, early tomorrow morning, monday and tuesday, delightful. temperatures back into the 60s, and then we'll look for some scattered showers, another chance of showers, as we head into wednesday and thursday. but all in all, a nice week ahead. >> ama: looking forward to it. mike shumann is off but collin is in with sports. kole -- >> this is nice. the latest on he nhl lockout situation. college hoops. stanford stumbles in socal, and wild card weekend is underway.
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>> the texans opened wild card weekend last year with a win over cincinnati. history repeating today. houston struggled down the stretch, losing 3-4, perhaps right for a first, round upset. second quarter, hall making the play on the ball. the pick. 21 yards, bring gals lead. schaub playing his first playoff game. foster had 140 yards on the ground.
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bengals trailing, 19-13. third and 11. andy dalton going for it all, overthrows greene. next play, fourth down, going for it. dalton throws short to marvin johns. 19-13, houston gets cinci for the second straight year. texans play at new england next sunday. >> let's -- north dakota state and sam houston state. bison leading 23-10, botched extra point attempt, but maybe not. the kicker's quick thinking, two points is better than one. the bison win their second straight title game. >> not the start johnny dawkins was looking for. the cardinal leave southern california empty wanted. outside pauley pavilion. stanford pushed around inside pauley today. travis with the flush. second half.
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randall, flashing two of his 17. dwight howell, stanford's most consistent play but -- 68-60 the final. cardinal lost 15 of the last 16 in l.a. >> randy bennett, st. mary's against loyola. bad news, ama. that's how you end the half. james walker 3 republic. 12 points off the bench. catch and shoot. gaels pulling away. the steal, oh, pretty. got it to go a team-high 17. 74-61 the final. >> well, it is day 112 in the nhl lockout. hockey fans looking for positive news. here's the best we can do,
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league and players meeting with a federal mediator trying to iron out issues. the commissioner issued a friday deadline. get a deal in place or the season will be can -- cancelled. >> in russia, team u.s.a. and sweden meeting the junior championship. u.s. down 1-0. second period, grimaldi, then grim mad diagain, in front of the net. deflection foes, team u.s.a. victorious over he swedes. 3-1 the final and at 6:00 we have highlights. santa clara, a big one. >> ama: up next,
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>> leigh: here's another look at live doppler 7hd. you can see the cold front spreading the rain across the bay area. if you're heading out tonight you'll need the rain gear. a little break tomorrow afternoon. >> ama: thank you so much. coming up in a half hour at 6:00. get ready to pay more to park in san francisco. the new rules that take effect tomorrow. >> the battle to save a bay area ice rink. join us for abc-7 at 6:00. and that does it for us here at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, arch here, thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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this is "world news." tonight -- air scare. as a crew taking one passenger into their own hands, using duct tape to subdue him. witnesses say that he was drunk and making threats. yet another case tonight, the pilot just moments away from boarding his flight from the midwest to new york, passengers waiting, suddenly he was stopped, authorities saying that he was drunk. tonight, the new results from his breathalyzer. lost at sea. the head of a famous italian fashion house, missing at sea. after takeoff in a small plane. tonight, what happened to him and his plane. to catch a thief. authorities signalling alarm over the spike in stolen iphones. tonight, the simple app that helps you protect yourself without going that far. and the close encounter caught on tape. the polar bear. the photographer who wanted to get close who was not expecting this. >> she's coming closer and closer.


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